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6 tips for avoiding mold

At Advance Mold Remediation, we stand ready to help eliminate any mold problem that develops in your home or office.  However, the best option for homeowners is to avoid mold growth in the first place.  The main thing to remember about mold is that it needs a damp environment to grow, so we wanted to offer some suggestions for reducing moisture and humidity in your home courtesy of the Environmental Protections Agency’s (EPA’s) Web site.

  1. Clean up any spills or leaks ASAP.  It generally takes mold 24-48 hours to begin to grow, so eliminate standing water or dampness before that.
  2. Ensure gutters and downspouts are clear and don’t back up.  If they do, they’ll back up into your home where mold can grow in hard-to-see-and-reach places.
  3. Ensure water does not collect around the foundation of your home where it could seep into the structure.
  4. Vent moisture-producing appliances (clothes dryers, stoves, kerosene heaters) outdoors whenever possible.
  5. Use exhaust fans and/or open windows while showering, cooking, and dishwashing.
  6. Reduce condensation forming on metal surfaces by using fans or dehumidifiers, opening windows, insulating cold surfaces, and raising the air temperature.

These steps should help you avoid mold growth, but if you still experience a problem in your home or office, contact us and will determine the extent of your problem and what can be done to get rid of it.

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