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A flood and its aftermath

Surviving a flood without the loss of life or limb is obviously the paramount goal when nature rears its ugly head. But the unhappy aftermath of a flood is water damage that needs to be addressed before a family can return to its normal routine.

There are specific steps on this page that one can follow to remediate damage to bedding, flooring, furniture, books, and other valuables in the home. A less tangible result of a flood, however, is the odor that remains behind once the waters have receded. There is no easy solution to this – other than the proverbial “elbow grease.” To get rid of the stench that is often the aftermath of a flooded house, the homeowner must scrub all interior surfaces that were in contact with floodwaters. Use hot sudsy water and rinse with a mixture of 2 tablespoons of chlorine laundry bleach to 1 gallon of water. Alternatively, a homeowner can use a liquid household disinfectant, following the directions on the container – including steps for proper ventilation. Continue or repeat the scrubbing and rinsing until the odor is gone.

When a flood strikes, it’s never good news. But careful post-flood cleanup, sterilization, disinfecting, and drying will help ensure that a family can reoccupy its home in safety and comfort. If mold enters the picture, contact us immediately to get rid of it fast.

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