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About Mold Remediation For The Workplace

Having a safe and healthy workplace should always be a top priority for any business owner. Your employees should be able to say that they virtually work at a business free of recognized hazards that could cause death or serious physical harm.

One hazard that should be prevented or eliminated from your building hazard list is indoor exposure to mold.

Mold cleanup and prevention of mold growth measures should be designed to protect the health of your building occupants and workers. Mold remediation is important no matter if managed in-house or by outside assistance.

Mold remediation should respond to mold and moisture situations to prevent or remove mold contamination. It is important to know that molds are part of the natural environment because they are fungi that can grow inside or outside.

There are about 1,000 species of mold in the United States and more than 100,000 known species worldwide. The purpose of outdoors molds is to break down organic matter of toppled trees, dead plants and dead animals. Fungi are used to create food like cheese and medicines like penicillin.

Indoors molds are not beneficial and should be avoided at all times. They make the indoors look and smell bad. They eat away at your building materials such as wood-frames to affect the structural integrity of your building.

As long as moisture, water and oxygen are present, molds always have an opportunity to grow. Molds reproduce by planting tiny spores on surfaces. Mold spores even float through indoor and out door air.

Molds become a major problem once the mold spores land on a damp spot to grow. Molds can grow on wood, paper, carpet, foods, insulation and more.

They feast on dust and dirt on these surfaces. It’s important to know that mold can grow without sunlight. Mold love damp, dark, hidden spaces that have little to no air circulation. This environment is hospitable for old. Don’t let mold in your building be left unchecked, your floors, walls and more could be weakened. When you suspect mold has damaged your building integrity, hire a professional mold remediation company like Advance Mold Remediation. We are here to prevent excessive moisture vapor buildup to stop dangerous mold growth, from leaky roofs to unvented combustion appliances.

Advance Mold Remediation, a mold remediation company, can inspect your home for asbestos and mold exposure. If mold or asbestos is present, we can safely do a mold cleanup or asbestos cleanout. Excess mold and asbestos are extremely dangerous. Let Advance Mold Remediation protect your property and health from mold and asbestos today.

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