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About Smoke Damage Restoration: Why Should You Hire a Professional?

A fire can strike at anytime in a home or business, making the buildings uninhabitable. A fire creates smoke, bad odor and leaves soot accumulation that could destroy an entire building if harm mitigation measures are not taken in a swift fashion.

After a fire occurs, your natural instinct will take you to immediately begin the restoration process. However you shouldn’t do this yourself, hire a restoration company. A restoration company is trained and equipped to return your property to its pre-loss condition without harming your property any further.

Doing it yourself rather than hiring a professional could put you in the bad predicament of replacing your home or business rather than saving your home or business.

Restoration solutions can happen if you properly use the restoration process after fire or smoke damage happens to your building.

Early assessment is crucial to proper restoration because it makes evaluating and acting on damage a much easier task.

For example, you can save the majority of your possessions by have a quick response. Some ways to quickly respond is to remove metals and furnishings within the first hours of fire or smoke damage. If left to sit in the damaged building, metals will tarnish and furnishings will yellow. Your flooring will stain within in days as well.

But damage isn’t just about tangible items being damaged, your building could suffer from wet smoke residue, dry smoke residue, fuel oil soot, residue from fire extinguishers and more.

Different fire causes create different types of damage. It is also important to note smoke can seep into duct or plumbing, jeopardizing your building’s air quality and water supply.

A restoration company like Advance Environment will identify risks and create a clean up plan that addresses smoke damage, harmful air quality and polluted water concerns.

Hire Advance Environment for smoke damage restoration solutions.

Advance Mold Environment, a mold remediation and environment restoration company, can inspect your home for asbestos and mold exposure. If mold or asbestos is present, we can safely do a mold cleanup or asbestos cleanout. Excess mold and asbestos are extremely dangerous. Let Advance Mold Environment protect your property and health from mold and asbestos today.

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