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Asthma Attack: Strong Link Between Mold And Asthma in Children

Are you a parent that has a child with Asthma? If yes, you should know there is a strong link between Mold and Asthma in children.


Exposure to mold prior to the age of seven greatly raises your child’s risk of developing a lifetime battle with asthma. What is more alarming is that homes with high levels of mold double the risk of a child developing asthma more than a mold-free home. So, if you are a parent with an allergy or asthma, living in a house ridden with mold, your child is at the greatest risk of developing asthma. But you will be happy to hear that indoor air cleaners can greatly reduce household air pollution and lower the rates of daytime asthma symptoms. Indoor air cleaners can ease daytime asthma symptoms more than some anti-inflammatory asthma drugs!


Although indoor air cleaners can lower household air pollution and daytime asthma symptoms, they have not reduced air nicotine levels or counter all detrimental effects of second-hand smoke that can harm children and adults alike.


Asthma affects roughly 9% of school-age children. Rates of asthma are even higher for children from poor, urban families. Asthma results in thousands of deaths and millions of lost work and schools annually in the United States. The Institutes of Medicine and World Health Organization (WHO) discovered in a study on environmental relative moldiness in homes, that dampness, mold and asthma are associated. However, the link between the three has never been quantified.


To learn the details on the study, read this article at Ieconnections.com.


The results of the study concluded that remediation of homes result in significant reductions in emergency medical attention for children with asthma.


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