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Avoid Mold in your Home with Moisture Control

Mold is something every homeowner has to deal with at one point or another. It can cause suffering for people with asthma, allergies and other related breathing problems. Allergic reactions to mold can be serious or mild and can occur from inhaling or touching mold.  So how do we control the growth of mold in our homes? This article tells us the answer, moisture control.

There are three elements that mold must have in order to survive: moisture, heat and darkness. Mold spores may exist in the home, but they have to have these three things to grow into the black patches of mold that wreak havoc on homes.

Mold can grow very quickly, so one easy way to eliminate the possibility of mold growth is to clean up spills or water instantly. The kitchen and the bathroom seem to be where most water in the home collects. It is important to check underneath of sinks and near the toilet to be sure there is no sitting water on the floors or walls. Also steam from both cooking in the kitchen and the shower in the bathroom can cause moisture, so be sure to run a fan or open windows to alleviate moisture in these rooms.

Attics are also a problem area for mold. Because attics are usually sealed off they can create moisture during weather changes. Be sure to check your insulation regularly. Basements can be hospitable to mold growth for many of the same reasons. Moisture is present near the hot water heater, washer, and sump pump. Keep an eye on these areas for mold.

It is important to check the exterior of the house for mold too. Clean out rain gutters, air conditioning drip pans, and drain lines to insure that water is flowing without any interruption.  Mold can grow and thrive in any debris that blocks any of these drain systems.

So once you’ve spotted the mold how do you control it? First of all keep the humidity in your home below 60%. Mold can be cleaned with a mixture of water and chlorine bleach. If the infested area is less than ten square feet then you should feel comfortable in controlling it yourself. If the area is very large you should consult a specialist like Advance Mold Remediation. For any home mold needs click here!

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