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Breaking down building mold

Most of our posts on this blog focus on eliminating mold in the home, but office and commercial buildings are also susceptible to mold growth as well.  Mold can be even more a problem in buildings because there are so many more places for mold to hide and it’s much harder to maintain consistent temperatures and humidity throughout the building.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has put out a wealth of material for office and building managers, and this guide summarizes the issue well.  Here are a couple tips:

  • Higher temperatures actually help in offices, so raising the internal temperature and improving internal air circulation is a good way to prevent mold growth.
  • Adding insulation and fixing air leaks to prevent heat loss can help maintain the proper temperature.
  • Directly venting moisture-producing appliances such as showers and washers directly outdoors can keep humidity levels low.
  • Using dehumidifiers will obviously also help.

We provide mold remediation services to both residential and commercial customers, so if you suspect your building has a mold problem or have detected mold, contact us.  We extend the same prompt, thorough, and professional service to your business as we do to homeowners.

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