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Checking for water damage after rain

One benefit of the rain and snow we receive during the next few months is that we’ll get plenty of opportunities to check for water damage in our homes.  Checking for water damage, as described in this article, is important because those areas in the home where water comes in is also where mold is likely to grow.  There are a couple key places to check.

Visit your attic immediately after a rainstorm or after a warm day when snow on the roof melted.  Look for damp or wet spots in the attic that will indicate if you have a roof leak or an ice dam.  If so, you’ll need to get the leak fixed and the area dried out quickly before mold starts to grow.

Once you’ve finished in the attic, visit your basement or crawlspace and look for wet spots there too.  In some ways, water leaking into these areas can be more serious because, in addition to mold growth, it can cause structural damage.

If you find a leak in your home, you should contact us right away.  We can come out to determine whether mold has begun to grow, and if so, we can quickly work to eliminate it.

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