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Christmas Tree Fire Hazards

The Christmas holiday season is here. This is a time for joy and also a time to take safety precautions. Having a Christmas tree is a fire hazard. Learn about the potential hazards and how you can enhance tree fire prevention. Read below.

 Water Your Tree

 Make sure you keep your tree watered. Christmas trees make on average create 250 fires yearly. Out of these 250 fires, 14 deaths, 26 injuries and $13.8 million property damage occur. The main causes of tree fires are shorts in electrical lights and open flames catching to trees.  When you water your trees well, you decrease your chances of having a tree fire.

Within three seconds, a dry pine tree can be fully ablaze. In just five seconds, your tree will start to give off black smoke and gases across your ceiling. It gets worse. Fresh air near floor helps feed the tree fire. Once this happens, any furniture and carpet will catch on fire. In 40 seconds an entire room can erupt into flames.

How to keep your tree wet.

 Make sure to water your pine tree on a daily basis. It only takes one match to ignite a Christmas tree. A tree that stays wet is less likely to catch on fire as easily as a dry tree. If anything, a wet tree will ignite briefly rather than engulf an entire room.

To learn more about Christmas tree fire hazards and prevention, read this article from Usfa.Fema.gov. The article includes a video on the different between a dry tree and a wet tree catching on fire.

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