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Definite Link Between Mold And Asthma

Do you or someone you know suffer from asthma?  If yes, then you should be informed about a study that shows there is a strong link between mold and asthma. Read below to learn about the study and how you can protect yourself from mold.

The Study

Harvard researchers have announced they have found a definite link between mold in homes and the risk of obtaining severe asthma. Researchers discovered that individuals with specific genes are more inclined to suffer severe asthma attacks in homes that have high levels of mold.

The study looked at children ages 5 to 12 with moderate to consistent asthma. The researchers noticed 395 children and their parents had certain traits in common who lived in high level mold-ridden homes. The common trait they shared was expressing chitinases. Chitinases are enzymes that break down the cell wall of Chitin, a fungus.

Of the children tested, 24% of them lived in high-mold homes. The home environments were classified based on a threshold of more or less than 25,000 mold colonies. Those homes with high amounts of mold were more likely to end up in the emergency room and hospitalized for long periods of time. This was linked to chitinases enzymes. Mold can easily trigger asthma, especially in enclosed environments.

To learn more about the dangers of chitinases and how to prevent harmful amounts of mold in your home, read this article from Ieconnections.com.

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