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Duct hunting for mold

HVAC duct cleaningIf you visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s Mold Resources Web site, you’ll find information on duct cleaning as a method for dealing with mold.  It actually is quite useful because it goes beyond mold investigation and remediation and looks at other supposed benefits of duct cleaning and gives advice on choosing a good inspector.  At Advance Mold Remediation, we know a thing or two about duct cleaning and believe this is a worthwhile site that consumers should use to avoid unscrupulous duct cleaning companies.

Although the EPA points out that it can’t verify the claims some proponents of duct cleaning make, the one thing it says for sure is that mold can grow in you ductwork.  This causes particular problems because mold spores can easily spread throughout your house through your ducts.

However, because it’s difficult for average homeowners to inspect ductwork on their own, unethical service providers can use an inspection to create a problem where none exists.  Aside from a musty smell in your ducts, the only sure way of determining whether mold is present is to actually see it.  The EPA recommends asking your service provider to show you any mold it claims to find and to have the substance tested by a laboratory. The EPA provides a full rundown on its Web site.

At Advance Mold Remediation, we follow procedures and protocols developed by the EPA when serving our customers, so you can trust us to make a thorough and honest inspection of your heating and cooling system.  If, and only if, we find mold, we’ll walk you through our process for cleaning out your system and keeping you and your family safe. Contact us to learn more.

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