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EPA is Set To Increase The Enforcement of The Lead Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is stepping up its inspections and enforcement of the Lead Rule for renovation, repair and painting (RRP). This article will provide you the details on the increased enforcements of the Lead Rule.


The EPA’s Waste and Chemical Enforcement Division is weighting violations more heavily for RRP that is more inclined to directly harm human health. The EPA is serious about the enforcement. For example, in Alabama the Department of Public Health has put a large amount of contractors on notice that worked on building homes before 1978. Those contractors must have training in dealing with lead-based paint. All those who do not take training will have their EPA licenses taken away from them.


Why is the punishment so severe? The answer comes from lead paint being banned in 1978. The RRP rule is being implemented to regulate renovations of older homes that still have the presence of lead paint. Congress has tried to rebuke this regulation many times.


The EPA has taken three enforcement actions in 38 states of the United States to oversee the RRP enforcement. Out of the 38 states, 12 states enforce their own Lead Rule (Alabama, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin).


The purpose of the enforcement is to ensure companies are using proper lead-safe work practices, accomplishing proper training of employees and professionally record keeping guidelines.


Lead paint exposure in the home is a serious public health concern. Lead poisoning could be prevented when lead paint disclosure requirements are followed. Read more details about the Lead Rule here.


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Source: EPA Official Promises More Enforcement of Lead Rule

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