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EPA Steps up The Lead Paint Rule

In case you haven’t heard, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stepped up the enforcement of the Lead Paint Rule. Read now to find out what steps the EPA is now taking to combat hazardous lead.

The EPA Lead Paint Rule concerns the renovation of buildings that contain lead-based paint. States, such as Maryland, are taking more action to enhance building safety. For example, Maryland has enacted a new law in May to extend greater protection to tenants in older residences.

The EPA has recently announced three enforcement actions for violations of the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP) and other lead rules.

The RRP rule makes it mandatory that lead safe work practices are happening during renovation activities such as sanding, cutting, and demolition. These activities create hazardous lead dust and should be conducted properly by trained and certified contractors.

Exposure to lead is a very serious health problem, especially for children. By enforcing lead rules, the health of the overall population increases while ensuring businesses following the rules have a level playing field.

Violating the rules can lead to hefty fines like paying $10,000 to resolve violations of the RRP rule. Violations can happen simply from using improper power equipment to remove paint or failing to apply for the right certifications with the EPA.

The rules are made to protect people’s health from exposure to lead. Lead can cause behavioral problems, learning disabilities, seizures and death.

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Source: EPA Steps Up Enforcement of Lead Paint Rule

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