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Home Molds: The Dangers of Sarcoidosis

Did you know there’s a link between mold and chronic disease? Yes.

Swedish researchers have discovered that people exposed to home molds are more likely to suffer from chronic inflammatory disease such as sarcoidosis that could create permanent organ damage.

Patients that have sarcoidosis have significant amounts of immune modulating agents that are found in fungi. The agent products lumps of cells called granulomas in body organs.

The Swedish scientists believe sarcoidosis occurs when the body’s immune system reacts to a bacteria, virus, dust or chemicals in the home environment.

In a healthy person, the immune system defends the body against any harmful agent. When a person has sarcoidosis inflammation that is made to isolate and destroy harmful agents doesn’t successfully destroy foreign substances. Instead, it develops granulomas.

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Source: http://www.ieconnections.com/pdfs/newsletter/2012/IEC-11-2012.pdf

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