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How Better Ventilation Can Give You Big Savings

Do you know how better ventilation can lead to substantial savings for you? If you do not know how, we are here to inform you! Read below to become knowledgeable!

A recent study from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reveals that doubling the amount of ventilation in office buildings can lead to billions of dollars in economic savings. The United States of America (U.S) standards require 8 liters of outdoor air ventilation to flow to each person in an office. If that ventilation is increased by double, sick building syndrome symptoms (SBS) would be reduce along with work absences. It gets better. Better ventilation has potential to improve work performance of employees and save billions of dollars (including health care costs).

 The Second Study

 A second study published in Indoor Air, estimated the benefits of improving indoor environmental quality (IEQ). Four improvements were studied:

Increasing ventilation rates when ventilation is below 10 or 15 liters a second, per person.

Adding Outdoor air economizers and controls absent.

Avoiding Office Overheating while eliminating winter indoor temperatures greater than 73 degree Fahrenheit.

Reducing dampness and mold problems by better maintenance to prevent and fix water leaks a, design changes, construction practices, and humidity control systems.

For more information on these two studies and their results, read this article Ieconnections.com.

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