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How fast does mold grow?

While discussing mold prevention last week, we mentioned the timeframe for mold growth.  This week we’d like to elaborate on that a little more to give you a better picture of the speed of mold growth.

As we mentioned last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that mold growth will begin 24-48 hours after an area has enough moisture.  According to this eHow article mold will begin spreading from its initial growth area anywhere between one and 12 days after it begins to grow.

A number of factors contribute to the spread of mold and affect how quickly it spreads.  Humidity is the biggest contributor to the spread of mold, and a humidity level greater than 55 percent will cause mold to spread much more quickly.  Heating and cooling systems which pull mold spores into ducts and blow them out through vents will also help mold spread more quickly and to a greater area.

A quick response is the key to mold prevention, and cleaning up any spills, floods, or damp areas is the best way to prevent the spread of mold.  However, if you’ve observed mold growth and know you’re beyond the time period required for initial mold growth and spread, you should consider a professional company like Advance Mold Remediation to determine how much mold has spread and the best ways to get rid of it.  Contact us to learn more.

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