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How Mold Happens

How Mold Happens

If you have ever had a problem with mold, you aren’t likely to forget it. Mold is more than just unsightly.  It smells bad, can make you sick, and is capable of causing an enormous amount of damage.  And just how is mold able to do all this so quickly and effectively?

Mold is actually a fungus. Its job is to help dead organic material decompose.  In nature, this means it helps break down leaves, wood and plants. All it needs in addition to those raw materials are air, water and the right temperature. Unfortunately for us, mold also sees many man-made materials as appealing.  Mold can actually “feed” off of

  • Drywall
  • Dust on any surface (including fiberglass insulation and even tile)
  • Fabric
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Wood (including frames, siding and even floors)

Since these materials are found throughout our homes, cars and offices, the potential for problems with mold is obviously greater than we’d like to think. All of these man-made materials can provide mold with food and air.  The problem comes when they also manage to provide water and just the right temperature.  Unfortunately, this happens far more frequently than we would like – and can lead to devastating consequences.

Again, the real issue is that mold is more than just ugly.  Mold smells – because it releases spores into the air.  These mold spores are inhaled and ingested, with potentially harmful results.  Depending on the type of mold, it can cause an allergic reaction, produce an infection in those exposed, or actively poison you, causing anything from minor irritation to cancer.

The bottom line is that you DON’T want to mess around with mold.  The best strategy is to prevent it by keeping all areas in which you spend time dry and well-ventilated.  However, despite our best efforts, sometimes mold happens.  And mold is very hard to totally eradicate, because the same spores that make you sick are so quickly spread. When mold does happen in your home, you need to remember that any mold can potentially make you very sick, and so it is often well worth the investment to have a professional handle removing mold properly!

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