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How Mold Remediation Solutions Can Keep Your Basement Dry And Hospitable

Are you having issues keeping your basement dry, attractive, safe and healthy? If yes, your damp basement is a breeding ground for dangerous and unhealthy mold spores. Read this article to learn about mold remediation solutions to turn your unpleasant space into a pleasant and healthy living space.

When your basement is damp, its walls will stain. The air is humid and your basement smells dank and musty. But the worst part about having a damp basement is having dangerous levels of mold growth and excessive moisture.

Mold is very dangerous because breathing in mold spores can cause you and your family respiratory problems and health issues. Your basement being in this condition could also greatly devalue your home. To avoid this devastating side effect of mold and excessive moisture, you should utilize mold remediation solutions. Mold remediation solutions will help you eliminate mold and keep mold spores from coming back. Try the following mold remediation solutions to resolve your damp basement dilemma:


One solution for removing mold and moisture is to dehumidify your basement. This is a solution because mold requires at least 50% humidity to grow. By eliminating a high level of humidity in your basement, you lower the potential of your basement becoming a permanently inhospitable area to your home.

A mold remediation contractor can install an industrial strength-dehumidifying unit to your basement and a ventilation system to remove moisture and prevent high levels of mold from growing. The vent will move any excessive moisture in the air of your basement to the outside of your home.

Mold Removal

Another mold remediation solution you can utilize is mold removal. This mold remediation solution should be used with dehumidifying because dehumidifying will not be enough to remove existing mold growth.

A mold remediation specialist will seal off all mold affected areas of your basement to prevent mold spores from spreading and use a vacuum mold removal system and antimicrobial cleaning agents to kill mold in your basement. When all the mold colonies have been eliminated, the specialist will be able to paint over the walls, ceiling and flooring with an antimicrobial sealing to help prevent future mold growth. The worst type of mold to have in your basement is invisible mold. Your specialist will use specialized technology to discover and remove this type of mold.

Mold Prevention

Lastly, you can return your damp basement back to a dry, attractive, safe and healthy one by keeping air constantly moving in your basement. This can be done with central air conditioning or a fan. Make sure the specialist checks for mold growth behind any furniture and storage. All leaks and spills should be cleaned up quickly so moisture will not seep into the floor and encourage mold to grow.

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Source: Mold Remediation Solutions To Make Your Basement Dry, Attractive, Safe and Healthy

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