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How to lower your risks for the common cold with HVAC cleaning services

common cold from  dirty HVAC systems

As summer comes to a close and the weather becomes chiller, it’s important that your home maintains a good indoor temperature.

Recent studies have revealed that extreme indoor temperature swings can put you and your family at a higher risk for colds.

What are common colds?

The common colds are nose related infections that develop from different cold viruses. Cold viruses are more likely to attack our immune systems when our natural defenses are lowers.

Going in and out of your air conditioned home to warmer or colder climates can increase the frequency of common colds.

Have you ever had a summer cold?

Summer colds occur because your body has lowered its natural defense to adapt to hot outdoor air and your air conditioned home. The extreme temperature shift is the reason summer colds happen.

People are warm blooded. That means we need to keep our body temperature around 98 degrees Fahrenheit.

You will know your home is too cold if your skin goes pale or you notice chill bumps. You may even have frequent shivers. This is your body’s way of generating heat to keep you at a normal body temperature.

Advance Mold Environment can help you control your indoor temperature by performing HVAC Cleaning Services.

Our Advance Mold Environment specialists are known for providing superior quality and exceptional customer service for our HVAC cleaning services. And we do it at a competitive pricing.

When you want to maintain a very comfortable living environment, no matter the season, you can count on us. Nobody cleans better than Advance Mold Environment.

We specialize in HVAC cleaning services. Our technicians use procedures and protocols established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) at all times.

Our list of clients includes both individuals and businesses in the private and public sectors.  And we will customize our HVAC cleaning services to fit your particular needs to effectively address sick building syndrome.

It’s importance that your HVAC systems are regularly cleaned to prevent the spread of cold virus fluids. Remember common colds are highly contagious. If your HVAC is not properly cleaning, you and your family could be inhaling the cold viruses on a regular.

Who wants to be sick year round?

No one.

Prevent yourself from developing cold symptoms like scratchy throat and runny nose today by learning about our HVAC cleaning package.

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