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How To Prevent Mold Lawsuits: Landlord Mold Solutions

Mold lawsuits against landlords can be time consuming and expensive.

Mold lawsuits against landlords often occur when landlords do not disclose mold problems to tenants.

The process of moving to a new home or apartment always has potential for complications. The last problem you will want to experience is a mold problem.

Normal mold lawsuits against landlords result from water damage creating mold contamination in a home or apartment.

When mold problems are not disclosed to you as a tenant, you have the right to request that your landlord pay for the expense of professional mold remediation services. You have this right because the mold damage is a result of the landlord’s negligence.

Many low-income families cannot afford to pay for mold remediation services or pursue mold lawsuits.

If your landlord takes too long to address mold problems, you have the option of paying a professional mold remediation service company to resolve the mold issue and later require the landlord to deduct the mold remediation service cost from your rent.

The Toxic Mold Prevention Act of 2001 (TMPA) created by the Department of Health Services (DHS) confirms that only a minimum amount of mold can exist within a residential property or it is identified as inhabitable.

Any high level of mold growth inside a residential property has to be resolved.

Mold exposure is very dangerous to your healthy well being. Here are common symptoms from mold exposure:

  • Asthma flares
  • Immune system complications
  • Skin rash
  • Brain damage
  • Kidney problems
  • Nervous system issues

The average mold lawsuit against landlords can have between 1 to 100 people involved – landlord, building complex and anyone involved in the construction of the home/ apartment.

It is important to hire a professional mold remediation company because one inaccurate solution could cause loss of life. Loss of life from mold exposure happened with a California family of the name Lair. They were exposed to musty air, visible mold and a leaking ceiling. The landlord decided to resolve the problem by ripping down the walls to fix the water leak rather than hiring a professional mold remediation company to test the home for mold growth/ high level mold exposure.

As a result of poor judgment, a child of the family passed away from respiratory failure because the wall ripping spread the mold spores throughout the home. If mold remediation services were completed, the mold would have been identified and immediately addressed without spreading the mold spores.

In the end the family pursued a mold lawsuit against the landlord and the family was rewarded $1,026,500.

Some other common mold lawsuits against landlords are as followed:

  • Poor contract work that resulted in water leaks and mold.
  • Landlord failure to repair water leaks result in health issues for tenants.
  • Insurance companies not refusing to approve mold damage claims.

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