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How To Protect Your Basement From Mold And Water Damage

Do you know how to avoid mold and water damage in your basement? If you do not, this article will tell you how to prevent mold and water damage in your basement. Read to maintain your home’s value and keep your living conditions healthy.

Your basement is a valuable and useful room in your home. It can be used for extra storage and keep you cool during hot days. The basement can also be the birthplace of mold and water damage because of potential moisture problems.

Moisture discovered in a basement usually enters your home through exterior sources because the moisture of the soil surrounding the basement can seep into your home. Water from the soil can be higher than the basement floor.

If your basement has a crack or flaw in its water protection layer, this can become a disaster for you. It can come through both your floors and walls. The results are standing water, flooded basements, mold growth, wet insulation, bad odors, chalky stains and decaying wood.

If you experience any of these problems, you need a professional mold remediation expert to inspect your basement and your basement’s surrounding area.

The exterior will need to be checked for where water is draining into your basement rather than away from it. There needs to be an inspection for any cracks in the exterior or interior structure of you home. Be sure window wells are inspected for any signs of leaking as well.

 Preventing Moisture Damage

 One way to prevent moisture from damaging your basement is to not have dirt flooring in your basement. Dirt flooring has a huge amount of moisture and gives off gases. Make sure your basement has a floor drain and a trap installed at the lowest point of your basement floor. If a floor drain is not available, water that is spilled in your basement has no way of escaping. Waterproof the outside of your walls and install a perimeter drainage system.

Keep your basement well ventilated to keep moisture from accumulating in its interior.

If you need to resolve mold and water damage today in your basement, contact Advance Mold Remediation.

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Source: How To Avoid Mold and Water Damage In Your Basement


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