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How To Protect Yourself From The Hidden Dangers of Mold Exposure

How much do you know about the hidden dangers of mold exposure?  If you know very little about hidden mold exposure, you need to become informed now. Unlike radon, asbestos and lead that have federal guidelines for their hazardous elements, mold could be harming your health with little to no warning.

Indoor mold growth can be a widespread and serious health threat to both humans and animals. There are no federal standards for protecting property or health from fungal growth.

The following are a few of the many hidden dangers of mold exposure:

  1. Mold can cause health problems like rashes and diabetes simply by cutting into walls and releasing spores. One area mold can grow rapidly is the bathroom because mold thrives on moisture. Mold exposure can even make those exposed develop blurry vision.
  2. Fans can spread toxic spores all throughout your home or commercial building. Often doctors will focus on your symptoms to conduct treatment but rarely do doctors ask about home environments such as potential mold exposure. When high levels of mold are present, you must leave your home and sometimes pets must be put down to prevent future contamination.
  3. Roughly 25 percent of homes have mold problems. It is uncertain which species of mold produce specific health problems.
  4. The most dangerous molds are mycotoxins, also known as toxic molds. These molds can tremendously damage the central nervous system, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. Mycotoxins can even lead to death.

To prevent yourself and property from falling victim to these hidden dangers of mold exposure, keep your home as dry as possible. Inspect your home for leaking pipes, water buildup around windows and unventilated bathrooms.

Advance Mold Remediation, a mold remediation company, can inspect your home for lead exposure. If mold is present, we can safely do a lead cleanup. Excess mold is extremely dangerous. Let Advance Mold Remediation protect your property and health from lead today.

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Source: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/healthscience/2009/December/The-Hidden-Dangers-of-Mold-Exposure/

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