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How To Resolve Water Damage And Avoid Mold Amplification

Do you know how to avoid mold amplification when it comes to water intrusion or dampness? If you do not, we are here to tell you how to locate and remove it. Read below to get started.

Water leaks often originate from roofing and window system failures. You do not notice it until a heavy rain comes through or a pipe becomes busted. Large buildings such as schools often experience repeated issues with leaks that go undetected for long periods of time. Some common leaks in large buildings are as followed:

Ø      HVAC water pipe leakage.

Ø      Sweating Valves.

Ø      Pipes of potable water distribution piping through overflows and leaks.

If the air in a building is dry, the water intrusion or dampness will dry quickly and it becomes difficult to detect signs of mold growth.

 The Forms of Dampness

Dampness can come in multiple forms. It can be in the form of condensation in non-insulated crawlspaces or basements. Dampness can be discovered in a poorly functioning HVAC system or site drainage.

 What is the Difference Between Water Intrusion and Dampness

The difference between water intrusion and dampness is the source of leakage and how that leakage absorbs and condenses itself. Water intrusion leaks water through openings and falls to the lowest point. Dampness includes liquid water and vapor that gets transported through solid concrete. This allows it to harbor itself in flooring. When air holds high quantities of moisture vapor loses heat. When that happens, it turns to liquid form.


To learn ways to resolve water damage and prevent mold growth, read Moisture Control In Schools: Water Intrusion or Dampness? Avoiding Mold Amplification. This article can be found on page 19-20 of Indoor Environment Connections.


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