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How To Take Precautions To Combat Mold Exposure

Mold Exposure has a variety of hidden dangers. Why does mold exposure have hidden dangers? The Federal government has never made a formal guideline to identify the fungal growth that occurs in mold-infected buildings.


However, the U.S Government Accountability Office has made a formal statement that indoor mold poses a widespread, serious health threat to occupants.


Mold can be cut through your home structure and release spores that set off a series of health problems for all living occupants. In humans, mold exposure can form severe skin rashes, increase the risk of diabetes, make people more likely to suffer from illness and suffer from painful migraines.


Exposure to mold is called mycotoxins. This exposure can create acute and chronic toxicities that can result in health issues involving the central nervous, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems.


Trichothecene mycotoxins, toxic molds, are nothing to toy with because it is a proven warfare agent that causes vomiting, bleeding, blistering and death. You could be exposed to it right now in your home.


To combat deadly mold in your indoor environment, consider the following tips and recommendations:


-Keep your home dry. Do not look over those leaking pipes under the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Make sure your windows are properly sealed so water moisture will not seep into your home.


-Have plenty of ventilation in your bathroom. Mold thrives in wet, moist areas.


– Have your home inspected for mold by Advance Mold Remediation.


Advance Mold Remediation, a mold remediation company, can inspect your home for lead exposure. If mold is present, we can safely do a lead cleanup. Excess mold is extremely dangerous. Let Advance Mold Remediation protect your property and health from lead today.

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Source: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/healthscience/2009/December/The-Hidden-Dangers-of-Mold-Exposure/

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