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Humidifier help in combating mold

It’s easy for an anti-humidifier bias to develop in this blog, because we’re primarily concerned about mold and anything that adds to indoor moisture has the potential to spread mold.  However, as this article points out, cold air holds less moisture, low humidity causes problems too.  In addition to drying out human skin, dry air causes static electricity, which can harm electronic equipment, and causes wood to shrink and leave gaps.  So we wanted to provide some advice should you need humidification in your home.

Any humidifier will be dispersing microorganisms including mold spores along with its moisture.  Cool mist and ultrasonic humidifiers will spread more of these than warm mist, steam, console, and furnace units.  We encourage you to look for these latter types of units should you need a humidifier.

For more advice on mold prevention, contact us. We can help detect and eliminate any mold problems you may have.

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