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Improve your winter IAQ IQ

Mold needs warmer temperatures to grow. So why do we make such a big deal about it in the winter? Because it can find those warm temps in the home, and as this article notes, indoor air pollutant levels are two to five times higher than those outside. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a significant concern in the winter.

During the summer, indoor pollutants are dissipated somewhat by ventilation through open windows or doors. The negative tradeoff to achieving energy efficiency in the home is trapping air pollutants, which include mold spores, inside with the heat.

The article recommends air purifiers for all pollutants. To specifically control mold, control the other element mold needs to grow – moisture. If you have a mold problem or suspect one, contact us immediately. With mold spreading faster in the winter, you need to respond right away.

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