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LEED 2012 : New & Improved?

 There are new details on 2012 version of LEED, a green building program. LEED 2012, updated by the U.S Green Building Council (USGBC), will include updates to the Materials & Resources (MR) credit category.

The updates have write-in comments and include changes to the existing LEED credit categories as well as two new credit categories. The two credit categories are Integrated Process (IP) and Performance (PF).

 The update of Materials & Resources (MR) credit category addresses waste reduction and aims to improve the environmental impact of materials selection and waste disposal. MR has been revised to include an increased focus on an application called the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). LCA assesses environmental impacts of every stage of a product’s life: Extraction. Manufacture. Use. Reuse. Disposal.

 The LCA in LEED is meant to encourage project teams to use analytical tools that are based on information about resource flows through environmental and economic systems. USGBC hopes project teams will make more informed decisions as a result of LCA being used.

 For more information on the 2012 version of LEED read this article called New Details on 2012 Version of LEED at Ieconnections.com

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