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Mold Allergies Increase in the Spring Time

Spring is in the air, but so is mold and you know what that means; mold allergy problems will be on the rise. These allergic reaction increase in the spring. The weather is beginning to heat up outside, creating the perfect environment for mold growth.

This article from allergy-details.com explains everything you need to know about mold growth in the spring.

Mold is present all year long – both inside and outdoors – but it will not grow in frozen conditions. Additionally, the drier air inside from heating in the winter reduces mold growth in the home as well. But with the weather warming up outside and the air conditioners starting up in most homes, mold will once again be on the rise.

One solution is getting a yearly allergy shot. This should ideally be done in the winter before the allergy season begins. But in the end, there is no way to completely do away with your mold allergy. You can, however, lessen your symptoms by addressing any mold issues in your home.

•     Open the windows for fresh air in the evening when temperatures are lower and the mold less active, and then close them during the day.

•     Make sure the fresh air intake damper for forced air heating is turned off during the spring.

•     Reduce your humidifier setting to maintain a drier atmosphere inside.  This discourages mold growth in your home.

•     Keeping your house a bit warmer in the spring may also help.

If your allergies do not get any better, or if you cannot handle your mold infestation yourself, contact Advance Mold Remediation

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