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Mold hide and seek

Have you checked your house for signs of mold?  If not, check out earlier post to learn what you should be looking for.  Of course the problem is, many of these signs indicate only that you could have mold.  Often you don’t see the mold itself, and it’s difficult to check the place where there’s an indication of mold.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a page dedicated to this “hidden mold.”

One of the main points of the page that we’d like to highlight is the risks you face when you just investigate possible mold growth.  If you peel back wallpaper, move ceiling tiles, or take up areas of carpeting, the disturbance to any mold growing there can cause the release of spores.  Suddenly the mold growth in one part of your house can spread to other parts. 

The page also points out the dangers of using chlorine bleach to deal with mold infestation.  It’s harmful to mold but is also hazardous to other things in your home including kids, animals, and plants (and you if the area’s not well ventilated).

The best option is to call in a professional like those at Advance Mold RemediationContact us, and we’ll tell you how we can minimize the risk of releasing mold spores during our investigation and then safely eliminate the mold without harming your family.

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