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Mold Prevention: How To Control Moisture Buildup In The Home

If you’re searching for ways to prevent mold from spreading your home, Advance Mold Environment is here to help. There are a variety of strategies you can consider to help you combat moisture that helps mold thrive.

Homes that are built tightly are considered high-risk mold problems because tightness means the buildup of moisture makes for a perfect atmosphere for household mold and mildew growth.

The following are ways you can prevent mold from spreading in your home:

–     Reduce Your Indoor Humidity. High humidity can be a major problem for your bathroom because mold and mildew can live on moist bathroom walls. You can control your interior humidity properly with kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans.

–     Install a clothes dryer vent that vents to the exterior of the home. You may even want to install a Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) system as well to bring in fresh air and exhaust any stale indoor air. This will make it a challenge for mold spores to spread in your home.

–     Don’t use carpet in finished basements. You can keep down mold with ceramic tile flooring. Carpet can only be mold free in a basement with a dehumidifier that’s no higher than 50 percent.

–     Use pleated media filters that have a MERV 6 rating or more. These filters will increase your HVAC systems’ ability to prevent dust from entering your duct system and minimize the chances of mold growth.

–     Have a whole home dehumidifier installed. This device works far better than portable dehumidifiers. With a whole home dehumidifier, you will have a system that runs 24/7 to reduce moisture in your home air. A whole home dehumidifier has the capability remove 90 pints of water a day from indoor air.

If you need help preventing mold and managing moisture in your home, Advance Mold Environment is here to serve you.

Advance Mold Environment, a mold remediation and environment restoration company, can inspect your home for asbestos and mold exposure. If mold or asbestos is present, we can safely do a mold cleanup or asbestos cleanout. Excess mold and asbestos are extremely dangerous. Let Advance Mold Environment protect your property and health from mold and asbestos today.

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