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Mold Remediation: The Purpose of The 6 Types of Mold Testing

At the 6th International Scientific Conference on Bioaerosols, Fungi, Bacteria, Mycotoxins in Indoor & Outdoor Environments & Human Health, there was a professional discussion on diagnostic mold testing. This article will provide you information about the mold testing and why it is important to test.

The Purpose of Mold Testing

 Diagnostic mold testing is completed to discover the locations where mold has thrived so that mitigation can be done. The following are a few diagnostic testing done to discover and remove mold:

 Visual Observation of Water Damage

 When a building has a history of water damage, a visual observation testing is necessary. Anything that is wet for several days at room temperatures is likely to suffer from mold. It is important to conduct this type of testing because anything overlooked could result in dangerous mold growth and damage.  For example, metal studs and bottom plates that hold water can make drywall become damp and mold can grow on it.

Airborne Testing

This type of mold testing is important because it can confirm elevated mold spore levels. When a room suffers from water damage for a long period of time, the room gets a mold smell. Airborne sampling can often underestimate the levels of mold present on damaged property. When in doubt, tape lift samples to suspect the surfaces of the damage area to be more accurate with diagnoses.

Bulk Sampling

When you sample a surface for mold, place the sample directly under a microscope for examination. This is very useful for testing HVAC duct liner because visual observation is not enough to confirm where mold is growing and at the rate it is growing.

Moisture Meters and Infrared Thermography

When you suspect certain materials are wet, moisture meters and infrared thermography can come in handy because they can pinpoint wet areas as well as where mold is likely to grow.

Wall Spore Traps

A great way to detect mold is through sampling the air inside a wall cavity. Using wall spore traps you can discover hidden mold in walls.

Mold Dog

A new method of mold detection is using dogs to locate hidden mold growth after water damage has occurred and property has dried. This testing is still developing for accuracy.

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Source: Mold Testing: When Action is Needed

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