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Mold risks in winter

While mold is a year-round problem, there are several conditions in the winter that encourage its growth as this article points out. As always the primary factor is keeping indoor humidity below 60 percent.  Here are some winter factors that can raise the humidity.

  1. Condensation.  Cold surfaces such as windows will cause water to condense, and if you see condensation on your window glass or frames, it indicates you have some ventilation problems.  Condensation equals a good environment for mold growth.
  2. Humidifiers.  Heat dries indoor air out, which causes its own problems.  To compensate, many people turn to humidifiers.  However, over-saturating the air with moisture can cause more problems than it solves.  Also mold can grow in and around the humidifier itself.

To combat condensation, make sure you use any exhaust/ventilation fans.  You may also have to crack a window for a period of time.  If you plan to use a humidifier, buy a humidity monitor to ensure it doesn’t get too high. For more winter tips, or if you have a mold problem, contact us. We’ll get to work resolving it and make sure you have a healthy, worry-free winter.

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