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Moldy foreclosed homes

While the housing crisis has been a nightmare for many, it’s presented other with the opportunity of purchasing a cheap foreclosed home.  However, it’s not always all good news for these buyers.  Lurking in these discounted homes can be hidden problems that can quickly eat up the money their saving.  An an article in Popular Mechanics listed mold as the top problem home buyers should look for when considering a foreclosed home.

We’ve blogged a lot about how easily mold can grow out of sight and cause real health problems.  All this occurs in occupied homes where families, whether they intend to or not, create inhospitable environments for mold.  Summer is a time for air conditioning and dehumidifiers, which combat the warm, wet environments that mold needs to grow.  Leaks are quickly dealt with, and if mold does rear its ugly head, homeowners are usually quick to deal with it.

With a foreclosed home, which usually goes unoccupied for months, the air conditioning, dehumidifiers, and vigilance all go away.  What’s left is a musty space where leaks can go unnoticed and mold can easily spread.  It can get into ductwork and then spread through the rest of the house.  Even then, a prospective buyer still may not notice it until it’s too late.

For sure, this sort problem is more common in Florida where the conditions are better for mold growth and there are many more foreclosed homes on the market.  However, last summer brought the story of a Rockville, MD home that sat empty after foreclosure, and became infested with mold.

The wise homebuyer will use some of the money saved from purchasing a foreclosure to have it inspected by a mold specialist before signing on the dotted line.  At Advance Mold Remediation, we’re ready to help you determine whether you’re truly getting a good deal on a foreclosure and give you some peace of mind as you go to settlement.  Contact us to learn more.

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