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More winter mold sources

We recently came across this winter awareness page from the Minnesota state government proving mold can be a threat during winter almost anywhere. Here are a couple more sources of moisture during the winter that can lead to mold growth if homeowners aren’t careful.

Firewood. Coming in from outside, wood can already have mold growing on it. For this reason, it should stay outside until just before it’s going to be burned. Also stacking it off the ground while outside will help it dry out.

Wet clothes. Whether it’s from downpours, snow shoveling, or sleigh riding, a lot of wet clothes come inside to dry during the winter. They’re usually set near heat sources, which is good from a mold standpoint. It’s important to make sure the clothes are fully dry before throwing them in a hamper or laundry basket and that the drying area itself fully dries out.

For more mold advice or for help with a mold problem, contact us. No matter the season, we know how to eliminate mold.

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