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Mycotoxins: The secret cause of mold health problems

If you’ve researched molds and the health problems they cause, you may have encountered the term “mycotoxin” and wondered what a mycotoxin is.  You can find a lengthy explanation here, but we wanted to summarize it for you.

Strictly speaking, mold itself doesn’t make you sick.  It can trigger allergic reactions, but most of the health problems attributed to mold are actually caused by substances it produces.  These substances are mold’s defense mechanisms that destroy other organisms represent a threat.

We’re very familiar with some of these substances – antibiotics – because they don’t threaten humans and destroy organisms that do.  Other substances – mycotoxins – are poisonous to humans, and these do the major damage to people.

This site lists the most common mycotoxins, the kinds of health problems they cause, and the types of mold that produce them.  They’re all carcinogenic but cause many other problems as well.  They do so by attacking our cells, and too much exposure can have devastating health effects.

The bottom line is to avoid mold exposure at all costs.  Whatever kind of mold you have and what it does or doesn’t produce, it’s doing you no good in your home.  For help in removing mold, contact us and we’ll take care of all of your mold issues

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