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Paint away your mold

One option that homeowners have these days for preventing mold growth is mold-resistant paint. As this site notes, most premium paints contain ingredients that inhibit mold growth, generally for the life of the coating. As with most things where mold is concerned actual results may vary depending on the location and environmental conditions around the painted surface.

However, one thing that doesn’t vary is the need to eliminate the mold on a surface before painting it. Despite the title of this post, you can’t get rid of mold just by painting over top of it. A thorough cleaning of the surface is required before applying paint. The article suggests using bleach, but we’ve provided alternatives are effective and safer than bleach in previous posts.

Another way of making sure mold is gone before you paint is to contact us. Once we’ve removed the mold from you home, you can proceed with your painting project confident that you won’t be painting over a problem.

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