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Preventing Basement Water Damage

Basements are used in several different ways. Some are storage units, some are converted into offices, some are family rooms and some are even used as bedrooms. But no matter what you use your basements for, it is unfortunately susceptible to water damage (which may result in a mold outbreak).

Sorry, that’s just how it is.

But there are ways that you can protect your home from water damage. This article from waterdamagemoldcleanup.com explains exactly what you need to do to keep your basement safe.

If you have a finished basement, you know just how expensive that process was. You had to buy sheet rock, flooring and pay to have it all installed, not to mention your furniture, electronics and other luxury items. You broke the bank once to have your dream basement built; you do not want to have to break the bank again to replace water-damaged materials. So take the necessary precautions.

First of all, have your HVAC systems (heating and air conditioning), ventilation, condensation from pipes and foundation frequently inspected. These are often the leading causes of basement water damage and even mold.

Catching a small problem early and fixing it will save you money on potential larger repairs that may result from neglect.

Check your drain pans to make sure that they are free of water and debris and remember to look at your seals and ductwork. Even the smallest leak or drip can become a big problem down the road. Another good way to look for indications of a leak is by checking the walls and ceilings. If they feel moist or cool, you may have a leak happening behind the wall.

Of course you can do all of this on your own, but it may be best to have a professional inspect your home from time to time.

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