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Protecting Your Home From Dangerous Mold

Mold is a very dangerous threat to your home and lifestyle. There are about 400,000 known mold types and about 1,000 can be found in your indoor living space at any given time. Some common household molds are Cladosporium, Penicillium Altermaria, and Aspergillus.

If water is added in the mix, mold can put you at risk of contracting diseases, trigger allergic reactions and severely damage your property. The more time you prolong removing the mold, the more dangerous it will become and be more expensive to clean up.

If you smell mold, there is a problem lurking somewhere in your indoor space. Some mold can even be invisible.

This characteristic can make you oblivious to airborne spores that cause serious respiratory issues and must be resolved because some molds produce toxins.

The only way to control such dangerous mold threats is to control moisture. You do this by reducing indoor humidity by 30% to 60%, installing bathroom vents, installing dryers, using air conditioners, using exhaust fans whenever cooking, and increasing overall ventilation in the home.

If you have indoor model problems, the best solution is mold remediation. Your moisture problems will be resolved and mold will be revealed, removed and eliminated.

Advance Mold Remediation, a mold remediation company, can inspect your home for mold. If mold is present, we can safely do a mold cleanup. Excess mold growth is extremely dangerous. Let Advance Mold Remediation protect your property and health from mold today.

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