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Recovering From Tornadoes: Removing Environmental Hazards From Indoors

It’s tornadoes season and the United States has already seen record numbers of tornadoes so far this year. There were tornadoes in the Midwest and Plains all throughout April. Five people were killed and dozens of people were injured. Numerous amounts of homes and businesses were extensively damaged by the devastating storms.

To help people recover and rebuild damaged properties, the IAQ Video Network and Cochrane & Associates released an educational video to discuss tornadoes and the indoor environmental hazards that people may encounter when rebuilding damaged properties.

Strong winds, hail, heavy rain and flooding can all cause property damage. Roofs, walls, windows and plumbing can all be destroyed.

When tornadoes come through, you may be faced with mold, asbestos, lead, sewage, bacteria, viruses, and chemical contaminants, if your property is damaged. The video will prepare you for the worst and help you handle properly property damage.

View the video “ Tornadoes: Avoiding Indoor Environmental Hazards When Rebuilding” here.

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Source: http://www.ieconnections.com/pdfs/newsletter/2012/IEC-05-2012.pdf

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