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Recovery: How to Repair a Failed Brick Rain Screen Wall

Have you experienced mold from heavy rain that has saturated the paper-covered gypsum around the units of your ventilator air intake and relief damper? Was it not a small and limited area of growth? Did it take over your home or office?


When this happens, you must find the primary source of the excess moisture. This source must be permanently eliminated to allow exterior walls stay warm and dry. When a Brick Rain Screen Wall fails you, you can repair and recover. Here are just a few tips on how to repair a failed Brick Rain Screen Wall.


  1. Look at your HVAC system relief dampers and outside air intakes on the unit ventilator. Water intrusion into the cavity is often associated with poor flashing details that relate to the HVAC system. You do not have to replace exterior brick, if you can remove mold from within the wall cavity. You can remove mold growth and porous cellulose materials that have been living in the wall cavity. Once you do that, you can rebuild the walls from the inside because the interior spaces are under full containment.
  2. Unit Ventilator Outside Air Intake Boot must be redesigned and replaced. The Unit Ventilator Outside Air Intake Boot must be redesigned and replaced because it needs to keep rainwater out of the ventilation system. The air duct outside should be well sealed. When air is drawn from the exterior wall cavity, it creates more molds to thrive in the wall cavity.

For more tips on how to remove mold and rebuild from the interior where a drainage plane behind the brick veneer has failed, read this article on pages 23,25 & 26 from Ieconnections.com. There you will find how to repair and recover from rainwater penetration and mold growth.


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