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Senators Seek More Limits on the Lead Paint Rule

The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced the Lead: Renovation, Repair and Paint (RRP) Rule, which concerns renovations on homes containing pre-1978 lead paint. The regulation requires clearance testing to detect the presence, or lack, of lead following any home renovation. The RRP also requires that contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, window installers and even wood floor refinishers, who performs work in homes built before 1978, be EPA-certified of face fines up to $37,500 per violation per day.

A group of senators, however, is not amused. They have asked the president’s Office of Management Budget (OMB) to review the regulation, hoping the department will repeal the EPA’s regulation. The OMB has the authority to modify regulations even after they are issued by a regulatory agency if they find substantial evidence of a regulation’s negative effect on the United State’s economy.

The senators believe that these additional testing costs will drive homeowners to either attempt dangerous renovations themselves or hire uncertified individuals for renovation projects. The EPA, on the other hand, does not share the senators’ concerns. They have stated that the rule will remain in place until further notice.

OMB has no current plans to review the EPA’s controversial regulation.

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