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Spring Cleaning and Mold Removal

It is springtime again, which can only mean one thing; it’s time for spring-cleaning.  This means cleaning out the garage, sweeping the floors, cleaning the gutters and…checking for mold?

One of the most important things you can do for you and your loved ones is to search your house for that menacing mold. This unwanted irritant has been linked to several ailments including rashes, asthma, sinus infections, headaches and severe colds.

But do not fret, that annoying little fungus is easier to get rid of than you may think. This article outlines what you need to know to eliminate that pesky mold.

You can be mold free with three simple steps: find the source, cleanup and prevention.

Mold is fairly easy to spot, often appearing as a black-blue or off-white speckled mass, and is also easy to smell. A “musty” odor is a strong indication of mold, which tends to frequent damp or humid areas of the house. Common areas for mold infestation are bathrooms, kitchens and basements because of the amount of water that passes in and out of these rooms on a daily basis.

Once you have identified your problem, it is time to get rid of that mold.

First, you will need to determine the size of the infestation – the bigger the mold problem, the bigger the job. And big jobs require professional help. Any area of mold less than 10 square feet is manageable by the homeowner. If you encounter anything bigger, you should call a professional.

If you have determined that you can do the job, it is time to get prepared.

You will need water resistant latex or rubber gloves as well as goggles and an OSHA approved mask. When mold is scrubbed, its spores will become air born, so it is important to protect yourself.

When cleaning, use a laundry detergent diluted with warm water, and applied with a sponge. After this area has dried, a 1/4 cup of bleach diluted with 1 gallon of water in a bucket is applied to the same area using a sponge. When this area has dried, clean the area again using the bleach mixture. As a final cleaning procedure, re-wash the area with a detergent containing borate as its main ingredient.

It is also important to protect your house, so open all windows to the outdoors and close all doors in the affected room. . If the room to be cleaned has open doorways, seal off the doorway with a sheet of plastic, secured to the ceiling and floor with pushpin tacks.

Any mold-infested materials removed from the room should be bagged and moved away from your house as soon as possible. You do not want another outbreak because you forgot to properly dispose of the moldy waste.

To prevent any future problems, make sure you eliminate any moisture producing problems like leaky pipes or plumbing fixtures. Ventilation is also important. A healthy airflow will help prevent future mold outbreaks.

But if you still need help, please contact Advance Mold Remediation by calling (410) 636-6653 or by clicking here today!

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