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Spring is Mold Allergy Peak Season

Mold allergies are most potent in the spring. You may think that your allergy is pollen, but mold is a different allergy. According to this article, you could be suffering from both, which would be worse.  So what can you do for this?


Mold grows all year inside and outside. If you live in a northern climate, outdoor mold is around less in the winter.  Mold does not grow outside when it is frozen, and the drier air inside from heating reduces mold growth in your house as well. However outdoor mold is different. As temperatures increase, mold growth increases.  Grass beds where snow used to lie, and wet leaf piles, are breeding grounds for mold. The more mold, the more allergic reactions. Unfortunately it is difficult to avoid outdoor mold.


Indoor mold can be avoided easily.  Make sure to control moisture in your home. Also, open the windows for fresh air in the evening when temperatures are lower and the mold less active, then close them during the day.  This is the opposite of what you should do in the summer.


Also make sure your fresh air intake damper for fresh air is closed in the spring. You should have it open during the winter and the summer.  You might also reduce your humidifier setting to maintain a drier atmosphere inside.  This discourages mold growth in your home. Keeping your house a bit warmer in the spring may also help.


Allergy shots are another option in your fight against mold in the spring. For any of your mold questions contact Advance Mold Remediation at 1-877-411-MOLD or click here.

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