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Standards of Care for Indoor Environments


Do you know what will affect the quality of your indoor air environments?  If you do not know, we are here to inform you and tell you about standards of care for your indoor environment quality. Read below to get started.

 What is Standard of Care?

 Standard of Care is a terminology used to identify techniques and technologies by professionals to identify what responsibilities should be done to perform a task. It is a guideline of expectations of what should be accomplished during contracted work.

Standards of care measure both ethical behavior and technical behavior. Ethical behavior includes refraining from falsifying data and conflicts of interest during a project. Technical behavior uses scientific method to define and investigate issues during a project. Technical behavior will test any hypothesis through experimentation, observation and collection of analytical data.

 Who Codes Standards Of Care?

 Standards of care for indoor environment air quality are codified by industrial organizations. The code is passed out through statements. Some industrial organizations are ABIH, ACAC, and Clean Trust. The sources come from published standards, standards made by the government agencies, state agencies that regulate professions and business.

 Issues with Standards of Care

 The issue with standards of care is that training courses that are made to meet licensure requirements do not have enough depth of information to truly give trainees the appropriate education.

To learn about the concerns of standards of care, read this article from Ieconnections.com on the Standards of Care for Indoor Environmental Investigations on page 16.

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