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The Dangers of Using Gypsum Drywall

Do you know whether your drywall is actually dry wall? Recently Gypsum, a Chinese drywall, has been spreading throughout the construction industry. This would not be a problem if Gypsum had the same moisture control as authentic drywall.

The moisture content of Gypsum is a concern. Ideally moisture content should be completely different from how much it takes to support mold. Gypsum is a chemical of calcium sulfate hemi-hydrate. This means it is a compound that is 50% water. It is bound water, which is not available for mold growth. It counts for dry weight in gypsum drywall. Gypsum, no matter how dry you make it will always be half water. If an environment is greater than or equal to the water contained in gypsum it will support mold.

To learn about the dangers of using Gypsum dry wall in your home and prevent contractors from installing this type of wood in your home, read this article, How Dry Is Your Drywall? from IeConnections.com.

The article will give you statistical data and how to prevent mold growth with or without Gypsum drywall.

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