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Water Restoration

How Can I Repair all that Damage?

Water damage cannot only be detrimental to your home but also to your bank account. Restoring a home is done through the following process, first remove all the excess water, drying all equipment and flooring so no further damage will occur during the clean up process. Second it is important to remove any moisture from the room. Mold Remediation equipment is used to stop the growth of bacteria and eliminate mold from growing in the previously damp area. Third begin putting up new dry wall, flooring, carpeting, paint, etc. While during this entire process, it may seems as though the damage is irreversible, however with a little help from the right people the mess will be cleaned up in no time and all be restored.

If your home has water damage, allow Advance Mold Remediation to help clean up the mess. Find us at advancemoldenv.com.

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