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What Should LandLords Know About Lead Safety?

How much do you know about protecting yourself from lead-based paint hazards? If you need to get more familiar with lead safety, Advance Mold Remediation is here to get you in the know. Read now to get more familiar.

It is always crucial to disclose information about lead-based paint hazards when you have tenants renting, not just for the health of tenants but for you as a landlord to avoid violating federal laws.

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), created a disclosure rule under the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act that made sellers and landlords of residential housing built before 1978 to disclose to both purchasers and tenants the presence of known lead-based paint hazards or lack of knowledge of lead hazards.

The disclosure, you as a landlord must provide, includes a lead hazard information pamphlets, a standard warning statement in the lease on the dangers of lead- based paint and include disclosure and acknowledgment language in the lease of property.

For any landlord that does not provide required lead hazard information and lead hazard disclosures, the EPA will propose a penalty for alleged violations after giving after a landlord has the opportunity to respond to complaints. Under the Disclosure Rule, the statutory maximum penalty for violations of the Disclosure Rule is $11,000 per violation.

The EPA has intent to cooperate with federal, state and local agencies to protect tenants and homeowners from the health risks of lead-based paint.

Lead based paint is very dangerous for all building occupants. With high blood levels, tenants and homeowners can suffer permanent damage to the nervous system and widespread health problems. Some of these health problems include reduced intelligence, short attention span, hearing loss, stunted growth, behavioral difficulties and reading and learning problems. The most vulnerable group to lead-base paint hazards are young children because it affects their nervous systems while they are still developing.

Protect your property from lead based paint hazards, hire Advance Mold Remediation.

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Source: Lead Safety Guide: RRP Training For Employees

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