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When asthma attacks

Almost anyone can tell you that mold can cause asthma or trigger asthma attacks.  What they don’t tell you is exactly how mold relates to asthma and causes a reaction.  Using, WebMD as a handy reference, we’d like to provide a simple explanation of the problem.

Although many things can cause asthma, about half of those with the condition experience it as an allergic reaction.  An allergy is an unusual immune response by your body to the presence of a foreign substance.  Usually the substance is otherwise harmless, although we know that’s not the case with mold.

When asthma is part of an allergic reaction, the muscles that surround the air passages in your lungs contract, the lining of these passages becomes inflamed, and mucus can build up.  The goals of these actions are to prevent more of the substance from entering the passage and to make it less irritating.  What it accomplishes is restricting the airflow, causing wheezing, coughing, and chest tightness or pain.

In the case of an asthma attack caused by mold, the body is reacting to the microscopic mold spores in the air that are inhaled.  Unfortunately, there is no way to filter all the mold spores out of the air, but by eliminating mold in the home, you reduce the amount of spores and make asthma attacks less likely.  If you or your family is having asthma troubles in you home, contact us, and we’ll perform an inspection to determine whether mold is the cause.  If it is, you can trust us to get rid of it and protect your health.

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