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Why Congress Doe Not Set Standards For Mold Risks

Killer mold exist and worst of all it could be lurking in your home. Mold has the ability to make you or a loved one lose 70 percent of his or her lung capacity. It can make your entire family itch with hives and suffer from nosebleeds.

Killer mold is green, black, slick mold formally called Stachybotrys chartarum. This is one of many toxic molds. It’s a toxic mold because its growth produces poisons that can seep into your body and your loved ones bodies through nose, mouth and skin.

If present in the environment of mold long term, memory loss can even happen. Mold has affected residential occupants so much that they have asked for solutions from government agencies. Some residential occupants had to flee their homes and leave all their contaminated possessions behind. Mold is a serious matter.

Right now, there are no state or federal standards for mold risks. There are no regulations on mold clean-up firms.

It is important to know most homeowners have to pay out of pocket for mold damage because most standard insurance policies will only cover sudden damage. Most cases of mold occur after maintenance problems arise and it’s hard to detect these problems because mold can be invisible. Standard insurance policies do not cover maintenance problems, including water leaks.

The Government does not acknowledge that molds are entirely toxic. They only admit that some molds can be toxic to some people.

It is important to know new construction techniques and cellulose-based materials used to create modern homes (homes made after 1969) encourage mold growth.

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