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The Trusted Name for Mold Removal in Fairfax

Homeowners and businesses in Fairfax have been relying on the experts at Advance Restoration Remediation to permanently eliminate their mold and water issues for over 20 years. As a licensed and certified firm with unmatched industry experience, our focus is on efficient, comprehensive mold testing and removal. From small residential problems to extensive commercial facility contaminations, our skilled professionals can resolve any mold or water damage problem.

Did you know…

  • The city of Fairfax gets its name from Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, who was awarded five million acres (20,000 km²) in land located in Northern Virginia by King Charles.
  • Founded as Earp’s Corner in the 1700s, the town was incorporated as the Town as Providence in 1805, then as the Town of Fairfax in 1874. It only officially became a city in 1961.
  • In 1987, the City of Fairfax Historic District was named to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • In May 2009, Fairfax was ranked No. 3 in the “Top 25 Places to Live Well” by Forbes Magazine.
  • If Virginia is for lovers, Fairfax is for chocolate lovers. The city hosts an annual two-day chocolate festival the first full weekend each March.
  • Comic actor Jason Sudekis of “Saturday Night Live” fame, “Good Morning America” weather anchor Sam Champion, and “Seabiscuit” author Laura Hillenbrand are all from Fairfax.
  • As an east coast town that lies 100 feet above sea level, the climate in Fairfax can be damp and humid, creating an ideal environment for water and mold issues.

Your Source for Effective Indoor Air Quality Solutions

If you suspect you have a mold problem, don’t let it go untreated. Some types of mold are toxic and can cause serious health issues to anyone exposed to its spores. Safe, effective remediation involves a number of protective measures, so it’s important to hire trained professionals to resolve your mold issues. Advance Restoration Remediation offers a full array of specialized indoor air quality services, including:

Ten Reasons Why Advance Restoration Remediation is Your Best Choice

  1. We provide personalized service to our clients, addressing their mold, water, or fire restoration issues in a timely manner and at an affordable price.
  2. We deliver mold removal services customized to fit specific needs, servicing a broad spectrum of facilities including residential, commercial, government, REO and foreclosure services.
  3. We conduct comprehensive mold inspections and mold testing to determine its precise location and to develop the most effective remediation solution for each client’s specific problem.
  4. Proper containment and removal of mold growth is essential to preventing further spreading and air contamination. Our procedures and protocols established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), along with our own proven proprietary technologies
  5. Our successful abatement is verified through comprehensive final clearance testing.
  6. We employ a specialized team that includes certified, highly trained inspectors, environmental scientists and mold abatement technicians.
  7. All technicians are directly employed by Advance Restoration Remediation; we never use subcontractors.
  8. Advance Restoration Remediation’s contracting division employees have building, restoration, and a variety of construction skills, enabling us to quickly repair damaged structures after mold or water has been removed.
  9. Customer service is our highest priority. We strive for 100% satisfaction on each and every job entrusted to us.
  10. We possess over 70 years of combined mold removal and water damage restoration experience.

Worried You May Have Mold?

If mold or water is a problem in your home or place of business, we can help. From attic mold removal to basement mold and everywhere in between, one call to Advance Restoration Remediation does it all. Contact us today for a free mold inspection or to schedule an appointment with one of our mold removal experts.

Call us today at 1.877. 411.MOLD (6653).

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Advance Restoration Remediation is a certified and licensed firm dedicated to efficiently analyze and treat any mold and water issues. From small residential issues to large-scale commercial properties, the skilled professionals at Advance Remediation Restoration can resolve any mold issue.

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